Marin, Cheech

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Los Angeles, CA
Manager: Ben Feigin, Anonymous Content, 310-588-6068


Actor, GRINDHOUSE, 2007, Dimension Films, Feature Actor, CARS, 2006, Buena Vista Pictures, Feature, Animated Actor, MATER AND THE GHOSTLIGHT, 2006, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Feature, Animated Actor, JUDGING AMY, 2005, CBS, TV Series Actor, SIAN KA'AN, 2005, MUVI Films, Feature, Animated Actor, THE UNDERCLASSMAN, 2005, Miramax Films, Feature Actor, CHRISTMAS WITH THE KRANKS, 2004, Columbia Pictures, Feature Actor, ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO, 2003, Columbia Pictures, Feature Actor, THE ORTEGAS, 2003, Fox Network, TV Series Writer, LAUGHING OUT LOUD: AMERICA’S FUNNIEST COMEDIENS, 2001, TV Special Writer, Director, BORN IN EAST L.A., 1987, Universal Pictures, Feature Director, GET OUT OF MY ROOM, 1985, Feature Writer, CHEECH AND CHONG'S THE CORSICAN BROTHERS, 1984, MGM, Feature

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