Salles, Walter

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Director / Producer
Rio De Janerio, RJ 22211-110 Brazil
Agent: Endeavor, 310-248-2000
Attorney: Gretchen Rush, Hansen, Jacobsen, Teller, Hoberman, Newman, Warren & Richman, 310-248-3142


Producer, EYE OF THE STORM, 2009, Downtown Filmes, Feature Executive Producer, CAFE DE LOS MAESTROS, 2008, Alfa Films, Cineart, Odeon, VideoFilmes. Argentina Home Video, Documentary Director, Producer, Writer, LINHA DA PASSE, 2008, Double Helix Entertainment, Feature Co-producer, LIONíS DEN, 2008, Strand Releasing, Feature Director, STORIES ON HUMAN RIGHTS, 2008, Feature Director, TO EACH HIS CINEMA, 2008, Cannes Film festival, Shorts Compilation Co-producer, BORN AND BRED, 2006, Axion Films, Feature Producer, LOVE FOR SALE, 2006, Strand Releasing, Feature Director, PARIS JE TíAIME, 2006, Celsius Entertainment, Shorts Compilation Director, DARK WATER, 2005, Buena Vista Pictures, Feature Producer, HERMANAS, 2005, Buenavista Pictures, Feature Director, THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES, 2004, Focus Features, Feature Co-Producer, CITY OF GOD, 2002, Miramax Films, Feature Producer, MADAME SAT√ , 2002, Wellspring Media, Feature Director, Writer, BEHIND THE SUN, 2001, Miramax Films, Feature Director, Writer, CENTRAL STATION, 1998, Sony Pictures Classic, Feature

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