Tejada-Flores, Miguel

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Paleolithic Productions
Talent, OR 97540
Agent: The Warden Group, 323-852-1028, wardenwhite@earthlink.net
Manager: Susan Zachary/Darryl Marshak, The Marshak/Zachary Co., 310-358-3191, MarshakZachary@aol.com


Writer, SCREAMERS: THE HUNTING, 2009, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Video Writer, DECOY 2: ALIEN SEDUCTION, 2007, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Feature Writer, SWARMED, 2005, SCI FI Channel, TV Movie Writer, ROTTWEILER, 2004, Lions Gate, Feature Writer, RE-ANIMATOR, 2003, Lions Gate, Feature Writer, THE UNSAID, 2001, Universal, Feature Writer, ATOMIC DOG, 1998, USA Network, TV Movie Writer, Producer, WELCOME TO PARADOX, 1998, Sci-Fi Network, TV Series Writer, SCREAMERS, 1995, Sony, Feature Writer, PAST TENSE, 1994, Showtime Network, Cable Movie Writer, BLACKMAIL, 1991, USA Network, Cable Movie Writer, FRIGHT NIGHT 2, 1988, Vista Films, Feature Writer, REVENGE OF THE NERDS, 1984, 20 Century Fox, Feature

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