Yates, Yvette

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Beverly Hills, CA 90211


Actress, FLIGHTS OF FANCY, 2009, Actress, Feature Co-producer, HOT TAMALES LIVE KIKI MELENDEZ PRESENTS, 2009, Showtime, TV Special Actress, I HOPE THEY SERVE BEER IN HELL, 2009, Feature Actress, LA SOPRESA, 2009, Short Co-producer, PAULY SHORE & FRIENDS, 2009, TV Special Actress, RESPIRACION, 2009, Short Actress, TIJUANEROS, 2009, Short Producer, COMICS WITHOUT BORDERS, 2008, Showtime, TV Special Actress, NINA QUEBRADA, 2008, American Film Institute, TV Special Producer, HICK-SPANIC: LIVE IN ALBUQUERQUE, 2007, Showtime, TV Special Producer, PAYASO COMEDY SLAM, 2007, Showtime, TV Special Producer , THE ORIGINAL LATIN DIVAS OF COMEDY, 2007, Paramount, TV Special Actress, TRES, 2007, Short Producer, SHRINKING SANTA FE , 2005, Payaso Entertainment, Feature Producer , WARRIORS SONG , 2005, Payaso Entertainment, Feature

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